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About Elephants Gifts

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Best Elephant Gift Ideas for Elephant Lovers!

Elephant Gift Ideas

Cute Elephant Table

Are you looking for everything ‘elephant’ for your home?
Or maybe you want to find a cool ‘elephant themed’ gift for someone you love?
You are definitely on the right ‘elephant’ website! 🙂

This website was created out of a deep passion and admiration for elephants!
In my opinion they are among the most amazing and magnificent creatures to walk the Earth!

Here you will find the most amazing and unique elephant gift ideas being sold in my opinion!

From gorgeous and majestic elephant sculptures, statues and figurines, to cute elephant stuffed animals, toys. kitchen and bathroom stuff and even unique elephant clothing and jewelry!

*(Not to mention cute elephant tables, just like the one you see in the picture! Isn’t it adorable?)

You will also find beautiful elephant prints and posters for your walls!

I hope you will enjoy spending time on my website and are able to find the perfect elephant gift here!

*All elephant gifts and elephant stuff displayed on this website were selected based on research done online and my personal opinion.

Large Elephant Statue

Large Elephant Statue

Large Elephant Statue

Elephant garden statues are in my opinion among the best elephant decor gifts ever!
Kids love them and adult elephant lovers love them too!

This is one of the most beautiful elephant statues I have seen!
He is very realistic too!
Great to have on display anywhere inside the house or out.

Solid Wood Elephant Sculpture

Solid Teak Wood Elephant Sculpture

Solid Teak Wood Elephant Sculpture

This solid wood elephant sculpture is absolutely gorgeous!
Hand-made with solid teak wood in Indonesia I bet it will make a special and lucky elephant lover very happy!

I love the way the wood shines!
It has a beautiful color!

Large Ride-On Elephant Plush Stuffed Animal for Kids!

Cool Ride on Elephant for Kids

Cool Ride on Elephant for Kids

Now your kids will be able to ride a ‘real’ elephant at home!

How realistic and fun is this awesome elephant ride-on stuffed animal?
It will look awesome in your child’s bedroom!
Perfect for a Safari or jungle theme bedroom decor!

Beautiful Elephant and Baby Poster

Elephant and Baby Poster

Elephant and Baby Poster

Elephant posters and prints also make wonderful elephant gift ideas for any elephant lover!

This is a breathtaking mom elephant and baby print that will look amazing on your wall!
Great gift idea for a new nursery! 🙂

Cool Elephant Jewelry

Gorgeous Elephant Head Bangle Bracelet!

Elephant Jewelry

Elephant Jewelry

I also love elephant jewelry!

How about this gorgeous large elephant head bracelet?
Have you ever seen anything like it?

Large Elephant Trinket Box

Large Elephant Trinket Box

Large Elephant Trinket Box

Another beautiful and practical elephant gift for a women is this gorgeous and very large enameled and crystals elephant shape trinket box!
Isn’t it awesome?
Perfect for mom, wife or grandma!

We love trinket boxes because they are a fun way to keep our small stuff safe…
But this one is huge!
It’s 8 inches tall!
I love it!

Elephant Cookie Storage Jar

Fun Elephant Cookie Jar

Fun Elephant Cookie Jar

Look what I found fellow elephant lovers!
A gorgeous and very unique elephant cookie jar!

It can also be used for storing other stuff too, such as cotton balls or candy!
It’s so fun!

I love how the elephant is holding the glass jar!
Definitely one of the most fun elephant gifts around!

(Measures 12-inch length by 9-inch width by 12-inch height)

*If you have time, check out my favorite elephant shaped teapots! They are beyond adorable!

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  • Neli

    I have the same cookie jar that you show above, my grandchildren are fascinated by it 🙂

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