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Cool Facts about Elephants

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Interesting and Cool Facts about Elephants!

Interesting and Cool Facts about Elephants

Interesting and Cool Facts about Elephants

Wanna learn some interesting, fun and cool facts about elephants today?
You are definitely on the right ‘let’s learn more about elephants’ webpage then! 🙂

Elephants (Let’s Learn About)

I LOVE elephants and they are among my favorite animals on Earth!
I think they are so majestic and mysterious!
That’s why I decided to learn more about them and share my findings with you here!

So far I know they are the largest land animals on Earth, they have long trunks, huge floppy ears and tusks!
But what else can we learn about them?
Let’s find out together! 🙂

Learning About Elephants!

Beautiful Book about Elephants

Beautiful Book about Elephants

Eyewitness: Elephant

*Basically there are two species of elephants today: African elephants and Asian elephants.
*They usually live until about 70 years old!
Almost like a human!
*They can’t jump!
(But you probably already knew that, right? I’ve never seen an elephant jump in my life…)
*They cannot see very well, but they can smell pretty well! 🙂
*A female elephant will stay pregnant for almost TWO years!
(About 22 months…)
That is a lot!
*Elephants can also swim pretty well, did you know that?
(Who knew… being so heavy and all…)

More Cool Facts about Elephants, please!

Cute Baby Elephant Poster for Sale

Cute Baby Elephant Poster for Sale

Baby Elephant with Big Ears, Photography Poster Print, 24 by 36-Inch

Ok, what else can we find out about elephants?
Let’s see…

*Did you know that elephants have HAIR all over their bodies?
(I bet you thought they were bald right? 🙂
*Not all elephants have tusks!
Only the male Asian elephants have them!
(Wow… I didn’t know that…)
*Did you know that elephants ‘purr’ just like cats do?
That’s right!
They do that to communicate!
(That’s so interesting… elephants and cats purr…)
*Elephants are very thirsty animals!
They drink about 80 gallons of water in a day!
(Wow! That’s a lot of water! Talk about being ‘thirsty as an elephant’…)

Amazing Video of a Baby Elephant being Born!

I have NEVER seen anything more miraculous and amazing than this…
*(The images are very graphic though… be aware…)
At first it seems the baby elephant is not going to make it, but then her maternal instincts kick in and this mother elephant brings her baby elephant to life by kicking him and screaming!
Very touching!

Cute Baby Elephants Playing in the Water!

Baby elephants also love to play in the water, just like human toddlers do!
Here is a very cute video of a few baby elephants having a blast in a pool! 🙂

*I hope you enjoyed learning more about elephants here today! 🙂
How about throwing a fun elephant themed birthday party for your child this year?

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