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Elephant Tables

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Amazing Elephant Sculptural Tables!

elephant tables

Design Toscano Jaipur Elephant Festival Coffee Table

Welcome, welcome elephant lovers!
This is your place to hang out!

Here you will find the best and most unique elephant shaped tables for your home!!

Elephant tables?
Yes, you read it right!
They are usually made with a gorgeous elephant sculpture serving as the the base and a glass top, just like this one on the picture! 🙂

They are the most exotic and fun elephant decor for your home!

I was able to gather on this page the best elephant tables being sold right now, including some realistic elephant sculpture glass-topped tables (my favorites), side tables, cocktail tables and end tables!

If you are an elephant lover this will be paradise for you!

I love everything elephant and I was so happy when I found these unique elephants tables for home!
You are in for an ‘elephant treat’!
Take your time and enjoy them!

These elephant tables can be used as coffee tables, cocktail tables or just as a beautiful and exotic piece of decoration in your living-room!

Needless to say they make excellent unique elephant gift ideas for elephant lovers!

Look at how realistic this cute Indian elephant sculpture looks!

The upturned trunk symbolizes good fortune and good luck!

Gorgeous Two Elephants Sculptural Glass-Topped Table!

Elephants Sculptural Glass-Topped Table

Elephants Sculptural Glass-Topped Table

And now I present to you one of the most beautiful elephant tables being sold!
Here you see not only one, but two beautiful elephants together!
It is the mom with her baby elephant!

It is a very realistic elephant mom and her elephant baby sculpture glass-topped cocktail table!
How adorable are they?

Look at how beautiful it looks on that living-room!
Perfect elephant home decor piece!

They look so real!
Look at that ‘happy elephant’ face!
The baby elephant is adorable!!
You can’t help but fall in love with him immediately!

The sculpture is extremely realistic and it almost feels like the elephants are going to start moving at any time…
Wonderful elephant decor piece for your home!

Beautiful Elephant Glass Topped Sculptural Table

Hand Finished!

Golden Elephant Glass Topped Table

Golden Elephant Glass Topped Table

Beautiful and affordable golden elephant glass-topped table for your home!

Cute, small and exotic!

Happy buyers said they were amazed at the quality and beauty!

I LOVE the gorgeous gold color!
Will stand out!

It is a beautiful piece and it looks exactly like on the picture.

Very exotic!
Cast in high-quality designer resin.

(Product Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 22 inches ; 30 pounds.)

Impressive Elephant Head Glass-Topped Table for Sale

Best Elephant Shaped Tables!

Elephant Head Glass-Topped Table

Elephant Head Glass-Topped Table

This is probably one of the most beautiful and most realistic elephant tables around!
It is a gorgeous African elephant head table!
He looks so real!
Will look absolutely amazing in your Safari themed living-room!
Very exotic piece!

Another gorgeous and real-looking elephant head sculpture glass-topped table for sale!
Amazing rich details!
Great elephant gift idea to any elephant lover!
Perfect to create a fun and cool Safari room!
You can use it to put a lamp, telephone, books or to serve snacks

Very Cute Baby Elephant End Table!

Cute Elephant End Table

Cute Elephant End Table

How cute, fun and adorable is baby elephant standing and balancing the glass top on his trunk?
It is an adorable baby elephant standing glass-topped end table!

Don’t worry though…
He is trained!
He won’t drop your stuff and can do this for a long, long time! 🙂

You can even have two of these and put each one on one side of your couch!
Very cute piece to have next to your couch or armchair!

Fun way to serve coffee to your guests!
Very affordable too!
Will make a fun elephant gift idea!
He is so adorable that no one will resist his charms!

*Exotic Hand Carved Mahogany Elephant End Table

Hand Carved Mahogany Elephant End Table

Hand Carved Mahogany Elephant End Table

How gorgeous and unique is this hand-carved mahogany wood elephant end table?
Very smooth and full of rich colors this elephant table is a magnificent piece to have in your home!
Who is the lucky elephant lover getting this beautiful piece?

(It is 28 inches high.)

Unique Wood Elephant Accent Table

wood elephant table

Wood Elephant Table

Another very exotic and very unique hand-crafted wooden elephant table for sale!
I love the textured floral details!

What an amazing elephant lover’s piece to have!
Isn’t perfect to serve your afternoon tea?
Your guests are going to go crazy with this table when they see it!

Elephant Sculptural Side Table

The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Table

The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Table

Look what I found!
Look at this beautiful and also very exotic elephant shape side table!
It is a gorgeous sitting elephant end table!
Isn’t he adorable?
Will look so cute in your living-room next to your couch!

What a fun elephant lovers gift!

It is also very affordable and it was hand-finished!

A happy buyer said you can also use it as a footstool if you want.

It looks amazing next to that chair and plants!
Great to place a few books or a nice picture frame on top!

Great elephant birthday gift idea for someone special!

(This is a small table, at about 15 inches high.)

Beautiful White Elephant Side Table made of Ceramic

White Elephant Side Table Ceramic

White Elephant Side Table Ceramic

Gorgeous ceramic white elephant side table for sale!
It is nicely detailed and of great quality!

Very unique piece!
I think it’s perfect to have a cute plant on top!
It will give a nice color contrast! 🙂

Unique Elephant in Jungle Glass Topped Table!

Cute and fun

26″h Jungle Elephant Theme Table

26″h Jungle Elephant Theme Table

Transform your living-room into an exotic jungle with these cute elephant glass-topped accent tables!

What a fun way to serve a drink to a guest!

I just found this one!

It is a gorgeous jungle elephant sculptural glass-topped table with a beautiful antique style!

Perfect to have by your couch or armchair and place your favorite drinks!

(Dimemsions: 20″L x 20″W x 26″H)


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