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Elephants Figurines

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10 Cute Elephant Figurines to Collect!

elephants figurines

Beautiful Elephant Figurine

One of the best gift ideas for elephant lovers are cute elephant figurines! 🙂

My mom is an elephant lover and I love buying her cute and unique elephant figurines that she can put on her bookshelf, coffee table or end tables…

On this page you are going to find my top favorite cutest elephant figures around!
Large ones and small ones…
Fancy ones and simple ones…

Large Elephant Figurine Bronze Finish

*My favorite elephant figurines are the ones that look very realistic and full of rich details and colors, just like this beautiful large elephant figurine in a gorgeous bronze finish you see on this picture!

Many people believe elephants bring good luck and good fortune to their ‘owners’, specially if they have their trunks turned upwards!
That’s why I also love buying and giving elephants figurines that have their trunks up, for good luck! 🙂
I appreciate elephants for their majestic beauty and mystery…

I hope you find what you are looking for here!

Swarovski Crystal Mother Elephant Figurine

Crystal Elephant Figurine

Crystal Elephant Figurine

Swarovski Crystal Mother Elephant

If you enjoy Swarovski crystals I bet you are going to love this gorgeous Swarovski crystal elephant figurine!
It is stunning!
What I love about crystal figurines is that they sparkle so beautifully in the sunlight!
This cute crystal elephant will make a beautiful gift idea for a very special elephant lover in your family!

(Size: 4 1/2 H x 4 5/16 L)

Very Cool Metal Brass Elephant Figurine with Turquoise Gemstones

Best Elephant Figurines to Collect!

Best Elephant Figurines to Collect

Best Elephant Figurines to Collect

Thai Trunk up Elephant Figurine – Metal Brass Elephant with Turquoise Gemstones

Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous than this vintage style brass elephant figurine with his trunk up?
It is so beautiful!
I love all the rich details and I also love the colorful gemstones!
It is very shiny as well and so unique!
You won’t be able to stop staring at this magnificent elephant figurine when you get it!
Will look amazing anywhere you place it!

Adorable Herend Baby Elephant Sitting Figurine!

Herend Baby Elephant Sitting Figurine

Herend Baby Elephant Sitting Figurine

Herend Baby Elephant Sitting Chocolate Fishnet

What a fun and very cute Herend China baby elephant figurine trimmed in 24K gold!
Great gift idea for moms or grandmothers!

(Size: 3 inches high.)

Unique Handmade Brass Elephant

Unique Handmade Brass Elephant

Unique Handmade Brass Elephant

Brass Elephant Mid Collectible Handmade Art

Another gorgeous and beautifully detailed all handmade brass elephant figurine for your collection!
He is fairly large too and will definitely stand out on your bookshelf or end table! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 7 inches ; 3.4 pounds)

Large Riddhi Siddhi Ganesh on Elephant Figurine

Very Unique Metal Brass Elephant!

Unique Metal Brass Elephant

Unique Metal Brass Elephant

Large Riddhi Siddhi Ganesh on Elephant Figurine Metal Brass Sculpture 3 Ganesh Sitting on Elephant

Another gorgeous and unique metal brass elephant figurine for your collection!
The elephant is carrying the Hindu religious God idol Ganesha and his two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi Riddhi.
They symbolize wealth, prosperity, intelectual and spiritual powers…

I love this golden finish and the color combination!
Makes a beautiful and fancy elephant gift to someone!

Beautiful Copper Color Large Elephant with Trunk Up Figurine

Copper Elephant Figurine

16 Inch Copper Color Elephant with Trunk Up Figurine

16 inch Copper Color Elephant With Trunk Up Figurine Statue

Beautiful and realistic copper color elephant figurine with his trunk up!
(Look at all his wrinkles! Highly detailed piece!)
Very large and very unique!
Great elephant gift idea!

(Dimensions: H: 16 x W: 15 (Inches)
Crafted with: Polyresin)

Very Unique Wood Elephant Figurine from Peru!

Unique Wood Elephant Figurine

Unique Wood Elephant Figurine

Ishpingo statuette, ‘Grand Elephant’ – Ishpingo Wood Sculpture from Peru

What a cute, fun and colorful not to mention very unique and very creative Ishpingo wood elephant figurine for sale!
Perfect for a growing elephant figures collection! 🙂
I love the colors and very cool ‘puzzle’ design!
Will look great on your bookshelf or coffee table!
(Who is the very lucky elephant lover getting this from you?)

(Product Dimensions: 4.1 x 14.8 x 10.8 inches ; 4.9 pounds)

Very Realistic Large Bronze Walking Elephant Figure

Large Bronze Walking Elephant Figure

Large Bronze Walking Elephant Figure

Realistic Walking Elephant Sculpture

How realistic is this walking elephant figurine?
From the color to the elephant skin, trunks and eyes, everything looks so real!
Great piece!
It’s also very large and sturdy, made of cold cast bronze and over 17 inches long and 12 inches tall!
One of the best realistic elephants figurines for sale around in my opinion!

Cute Standing Ceramic Elephant Figurines!

Cute Standing Ceramic Elephant Figurines

Cute Standing Ceramic Elephant Figurines

Ceramic Trumpeting Standing Elephant Figurine Set

And if you were looking for a cute elephant figurine set for your home or for an elephant lover, how about this fun and colorful set of four ceramic elephant figurines?
It’s very affordable as well!
They are also very shiny!
Will look great and stand out anywhere you decide to place them!

*I hope you also enjoyed these cute elephant figurines from this page and were able to pick one for your home!
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Cute Elephant Bookends!
(Can you think of a better way to keep all your books together?)

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