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Elephants Jewelry

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Best Elephant Jewelry Gift Ideas for Elephant Lovers!

elephant jewelry

Gorgeous Elephant Head Silver Bracelet

A very cool elephant gift idea for women is elephant jewelry, of course!

I found the most gorgeous and exotic elephant bracelets, necklaces and earrings being sold!
They are so cool and unique that I decided to create this page only for them! 🙂

I am crazy about elephants and any of these would make me scream from happiness!

*This sterling silver elephant head bracelet is one of my favorite elephant jewelry pieces around!
It’s beyond gorgeous!
I love his perfect eyes and ears! (Just click on his ears to get one for you…)

My Favorite Gold Elephants Bracelet for Sale!

Beautiful Elephant Gift Idea for Women!

14k Yellow Gold Elephant Link Bracelet

14k Yellow Gold Elephant Link Bracelet

How pretty, fancy and very unique is this adorable 14K gold elephants bracelet?
It is stunning!

Several elephants will be linked together around your wrist soon! 🙂
Everyone will want to grab your wrist just to take a peek at your gorgeous bracelet!
Awesome elephant anniversary gift idea!

Very Cool Lucky Elephants Open Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver Lucky Elephant Open Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver Lucky Elephant Antiqued Open Cuff Bracelet

This is probably one of the coolest elephants bracelets around!
It was made from sterling silver and it adjusts around the wrist, which is great for women with very thin wrists like myself… Their trunks are pointing up, which means great luck for you! 🙂

It is absolutely stunning and will make an amazing elephant anniversary or birthday gift idea for your wife, mother or daughter!

Cool Sterling Silver Elephant Heads with Curled Trunks Flex Bangle

Sterling Silver Elephant Heads with Curled Trunks Flex Bangle

Sterling Silver Elephant Heads with Curled Trunks Flex Bangle

Another gorgeous and very unique elephant bracelet for sale is this sterling silver elephant heads bangle… I love the amazing details!
What a perfect elephant jewelry gift idea for teen girls! 🙂

Beautiful Gold Elephant Necklace for Women!

14k Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace

14k Gold Diamond-Cut Elephant Pendant Necklace

I also LOVE elephant necklaces, of course, and this 14k yellow gold one in the picture above is one of my favorites!
I love the cool ‘cut’ design!

Will make a very nice elephant Christmas gift idea! 🙂

Cute 14k Yellow Gold Lucky Elephant Pendant Necklace

Cute Elephant Pendant Necklace

Alex Woo Little Luck Elephant Pendant Necklace

Another favorite of mine is this cute 14k gold lucky elephant necklace…
He is very shiny and beyond adorable!

How do I know he is ‘lucky’?
Well, his trunk is all the way up!
That means luck! 🙂

Cute Sterling Silver Origami Elephant Necklace for Girls!

Sterling Silver Origami Elephant Necklace

Sterling Silver Origami Elephant Necklace

What a cute and fun silver origami design elephant necklace!
Everyone will know your love for elephants when you wear it! 🙂
Great gift idea for girls of all ages!

Stunning 14k Gold Elephant Pin Pendant

14k Gold Elephant Pin Pendant

14k Gold Elephant Pin Pendant

This is a fancy and expensive elephant gift idea.. it is a stunning 14k yellow gold elephant pendant for sale!
He is very unique and highly detailed!
You can wear it as a necklace or as a pin.

Cute Elephant Earrings

Cute Elephant Earrings

Sterling Silver Elephant Dangle Earrings

This is a very cute, fun and very affordable pair of elephant head dangle earrings for sale!
I love them!
They are very realistic…
Will make a fun elephant birthday gift idea for any girly girl in the family!

Very Creative Laser Cut Elephant Earrings!

Made from wood!

unique elephant earrings

Creative Laser Cut Elephant Earrings

How cute, unique and absolutely beyond creative are these laser-cut elephant dangle earrings?

They were made using harvested wood and steel wires…the elephant silhouettes are also very realistic! (And they are very affordable too.)
Very cool!

Cute Elephants with Swaying Head Earrings

Cute Elephants with Swaying Head Earrings

Cute Elephants with Swaying Head Earrings

If you are looking for the cutest and most affordable elephants jewelry for sale online, I think you are gonna love these beyond adorable sterling silver elephants earrings!

Their heads will actually sway every time you move your head!
How adorable is that?

Everyone will go crazy when they see them! 🙂

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