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Wood Elephants

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10 Beautiful Wood Elephant Statues and Gifts!

wood elephants

Beautiful Wood Elephant Statue

I LOVE buying wood elephants and giving them to my mom from time to time, who loves elephant stuff!
I have probably bought over 10 of them for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or for no apparent reason…
She created a special ‘elephant corner’ in her living-room just to display all of them and it looks adorable!

I personally like wood elephant statues better than ceramic or resin because they are way more durable!

Elephant Statue Wood Carved Lucky Trunk Up

*The one in this picture is absolutely stunning!
Made of solid wood, it is very durable!
I LOVE the color!
He is also very realistic and it was all hand-carved!
His trunk is also up, to bring its owner good luck and prosperity!
(If you believe…)
This cute wooden elephant is perfect for any collection or to give as a gift specially because it’s also very affordable!
(I bought one just like that for my mom last year and she placed it under her bonsai tree and it looks beautiful!)

Today I decided to create this webpage specially devoted to my top favorite wood elephants for sale and maybe help you grow your collection as well! 🙂

Large Handmade Wooden Elephant Statue Tree of Life Jungle Sculpture

Large Handmade Wooden Elephant Statue

Large Handmade Wooden Elephant Statue

Large Handmade Wooden Elephant Statue

This is probably one of the most impressive and unique wooden elephants out there!
It is a stunning Indian wood elephant figure with a beautiful carving of the Tree of Life!
It is an amazing piece, perfect for a collection!
(It is expensive though…)
Some also believe you should always place elephant statues near your front door to attract power and protection…)

(Size : 8 Inches Height X 10 Inches wide)

Large Good Luck Wood Elephant Statue

Large Good Luck Wood Elephant Statue

Large Good Luck Wood Elephant Statue

14 Inches Trunk-up Good Luck Handmade Elephant Statue

Another gorgeous and very impressive large handmade painted wood elephant statue with Hindu God symbol!
It is about 14 inches wide!
His trunk is also up, to help bring success and prosperity!
Great Feng Shui piece!
Beautiful elephant gift idea for a very special elephant lover in the family! 🙂

Impressive Wood Elephants!

Very Realistic Wood Elephant Statue for Sale!

Realistic Wood Elephant Statue

Realistic Wood Elephant Statue

Fine and Realistic Rendered Elephant – Rosewood Statue

If you are looking for a large and very realistic wood elephant statue for sale, I think you are going to LOVE this one!
It’s very big, it has a beautiful ‘elephant color’ and it is highly detailed, down to all his elephant wrinkles, eyes, tusks, ears and feet!
This is one of the most beautiful real looking wood elephants around!
(Yes, it is also expensive…)

(Dimensions: 12 inch x 15 inch x 8 inch)

Very Big Solid Teak Wood Elephant Sculpture

large wood elephant statues

Solid Teak Wood Elephant Sculpture

DonnieAnn 16″ Elephant Sculpture- Teak

This is also a huge favorite of mine!
It’s a huge solid teak wood standing elephant statue!
It has a gorgeous shiny color and it’s extremely unique!
It was handmade in Indonesia!

(Size 18″ x 9″ x 16″)

Very Cute Lucky Thai Wood Elephants!

Cute Lucky Thai Wood Elephants

Cute Lucky Thai Wood Elephants

Wood statuettes, ‘Lucky Thai Elephants’ (pair)

If you are looking for a set of cute wooden elephants for sale today I think you are going to love these!
They are a beautiful pair of lucky Thai wood elephants!
They are made from rain tree wood and ivory wood and they have their have their majestic trunks all the way up, walking side by side…
(Their ivory tusks are also removable…)
Needless to say they will look amazing among your other cute wood elephant statues! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 11 x 11.8 inches)

Cute Wood Elephant Statue Carved in Indonesia

Cute Wood Elephant Statue

Cute Wood Elephant Statue

Wood sculpture, ‘Elephant Trot’ – Wood Sculpture Carved in Indonesia

Another cute and unique wood elephant statue from Indonesia!
It also has a beautiful finish and amazing realistic details!
(I love his cute face and his playful eyes! 🙂
He was made from suar wood.

(Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 11 x 8.2 inches ; 1.8 pounds)

Realistic Handcrafted Teak Wood Elephant

Realistic Handcrafted Teak Wood Elephant

Realistic Handcrafted Teak Wood Elephant

Thai handcrafted crafted from teak wood Elephant statue

Another adorable teak wood carved elephant statue for your collection!
He is extremely realistic!
His skin is all wrinkled, just like in a real elephant and his color and his eyes are also realistic!
You are going to fall in love with him! 🙂
(The price is fair…)

Huge Wood Block Elephant Statue!

unique wood elephant statues

Huge Wood Block Elephant Statue

Adorable Large Wood Block Elephant, 36″ by 27″

If you were looking for the most unique and creative wood elephant statue for sale around, look no further!
It is an amazing elephant figure made from wooden blocks, like in a puzzle!
Everyone will say ‘Wow’ when they see this!
It is also very big and will definitely stand out anywhere you place it!

(Product Dimensions: 36 x 4 x 27 inches ; 16 pounds)

Beautiful Wooden Elephant Decorative Jewelry Box

Beautiful Wooden Elephant Decorative Jewelry Box

Beautiful Wooden Elephant Decorative Jewelry Box

11 Inches Tall Wooden Elephant Decorative Jewelry Box Handpainted

And last, but not least, if you are looking for a beautiful and unique wooden elephant gift idea for someone, how about this gorgeous and very colorful hand painted wood elephant jewelry box?
It is very unique, it is the first time I see one like this!
I love its beautiful colors and design!
It will make a wonderful elephant gift idea for moms on Mother’s Day! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 7 inches ; 4.4 pounds)

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of wood elephant statues from this page and were able to choose one for your collection!
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